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Nightingale helps you take action to improve your patient's health.

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How do we do it?


Smart Reminders

We will adapt to your varying schedule. Whether you wake up early for a run, or sleep in late, we'll remind you at the right time.


Circle of Caregivers

We will notify your closest friends and family when you forget to take your prescription. We'll even let them know if you've been great at taking it.

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Personal Health Analytics

View your own personal health data in one place. Whether it's coming from the Jawbone UP, the iHealth Blood Pressure monitor, or self-reported adherence data.


Physician Engagement

Your physician will be given your adherence rates and notified if they ever dip too low.

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For Caregivers

Patient Management

We can help you view which of your patients are and are not on track for recovery. Whether you're tracking how many steps they're taking, or what their blood pressure is, we help you understand that data.

Condensed Data

Patients collect a lot of data about themselves. Not all of it relevant. We'll help you control what you see and what you don't with each patient.