Mobile Behavioral
Data Collection

Move on from paper and clipboard to a modern digital solution.

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Manage Your Program Online


Create Online Calendars

Manage students, classrooms and staff through the online dashboard. Set up calendars for every member of your staff and coordinate care. Watch in real time what behaviors are occurring across the program.

Completely Customize To Match Your Workflow

Customize how data is collected and graphed using our easy to understand drag and drop system. Let our digital tool match your program's workflow, not the other way around.

For Directors

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Watch Events in Real-Time

Stop worrying if one of your students is about to have an explosive event. Watch behavioral events occur in real-time and intervene before it worsens.

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Share A Digital Workbook

Share data amongst all your teams, from behavioral to speech to occupational therapy, everyone can communicate on a single platform rather than sharing binders.

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Create Custom Reports

Receive daily, weekly, and quarterly reports of every child in your program. Share these with interested parents, board members or your insurance provider.

For Therapists

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Share Amongst Your Team

Share data easily amongst everyone on the team. From behavioral to speech to occupational. All the data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere.

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Analyze Long Term Trends

Algorithms analyze your anonymized data to pick up on trends. We will warn you of a negative trend before it gets out of control. No more manual transcribing to Excel and making guesses.

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Customize Your Data Workflow

Customize your data input and daily reports to look however you would like. Don't change your workflow to match an app, instead have the app match you.