Insightful Data = Meaningful Results

Optimize clinical outcomes with data science

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We make tools that empower care teams to make the most of evidence-based autism treatment --
Nightingale interprets data to provide actionable insights and guide practitioners in achieving the optimal outcome for every individual.

Make custom data sheets

Personalize data collection processes and parameters to fit any curriculum and workflow

Collect data in real-time

Capture and record data anytime, anywhere with our certified HIPAA-compliant software

Analyze data automatically

Maximize learning efficiency & improve care with automated graphing & data visualization

Discuss & Share in the cloud

Collaborate in the cloud across care team, support staff and clients' families to collect data and report progress


Trade in paper and pencil for the efficient and accurate digital alternative --
tools for evidence-based therapies available on any smart device, including iOS and Android phones and tablets
With many of those processes automated with Nightingale, we're able to spend more time on the part of our practice that matters most -- working one on one with our students.
-- Jackie Sura, Clinical Director at Steps Consulting